SourceAmerica's AFB Directory Profile 05/22/2019 9:24am (UTC)

How to Use SourceAmerica's AFB Directory Profile


If you are blind and are looking for a job, one of the places that can help is a company called SourceAmerica.
SourceAmerica has a profile on the AFB Directory. A profile that, if you spend the time studying it carefully, can help you find a job you would really like to do.
Contact information -- Whether you are using a software program to read the website, or getting someone to read it to you, concentrate on the contact information.
This gives you a way to contact SourceAmerica, and to ask for their help in finding a suitable job.
Information about the AbilityOne Program -- The SourceAmerica AFB Directory profile also gives you a little information about how the organization works, and specifically when it comes to the AbilityOne Program.
The AbilityOne Program is a program that helps blind people get jobs they are qualified and experienced to do by working with the federal government and getting them to offer them contracts.
These contract jobs are often very well-paid, interesting and will require much of the experience you have had over the years. They also allow you as a blind person access to jobs you may never have access to otherwise.
Contacting the AFB -- If you think that working through a contract with SourceAmerica may be a good opportunity for you, you can also use the SourceAmerica AFB Directory profile to contact the American Federation for the Blind to get more information.
Find out about the qualifications and experience you must have, how to apply for the program, and how to interview in order to be given a good job.
In most cases, the will put you in touch with SourceAmerica, or with one of the nonprofit agencies they are working with, and your job search will begin in earnest.
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