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Get a job through SourceAmerica if you are disabled

     If you have a disability and need to find a job, before you look anywhere else look at SourceAmerica.

SourceAmerica is a non profit agency that works with other non profits around the country to help people with disabilities get jobs. Apply through them, and chances are they will be able to get you a job as well.

How does SourceAmerica get people jobs? -- SourceAmerica is an agency that has contracts with the federal government, with corporations and with small businesses. It even has contracts with other non profits.

These contracts are always for a certain number of jobs. Jobs that SourceAmerica is then responsible for finding people to fill them. The only way these jobs can be filled, however, is by people with disabilities, as the jobs have been put aside specifically for them.

How do you get a job through SourceAmerica? -- If you have a disability and would love to be able to get a job through SourceAmerica, there are a couple of ways you can do so.

First, go to the SourceAmerica website and read all the information they have targeted at people with disabilities. This information will tell you who to contact to get more information about jobs through SourceAmerica.

You can also contact non profit agencies in your area and ask if they work with SourceAmerica. If they help people with disabilities, there is a very good chance they do work with SourceAmerica, and will be able to get you a job interview through them.

How to do well on an interview -- If you are given an interview, be yourself.

Talk about your experience, your qualifications and why you think you would be good at that particular job. Smile and be personable, and chances are you will walk away with a job you would like to do.

For more, please see SourceAmerica - AFB Directory Profile.

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